Wild Mint Tin Candle


This small tin candle is packed with a mint smell comparable to that of a freshly crushed garden mint leaf. It offers a really earthy scent, but not too sweet.

Not only does this small tin candle have a divine smell that will fill a room in a matter of minutes, but it also looks the part for your mantlepiece or as a feature on your table. The wild mint smell fragrance is really fresh, like getting it from the herb garden yourself. It’s an increasingly popular scent, so make sure you get your hands on it today!

When you buy a candle from Gracie Moon Scents we assure you that it’s a high quality product. Everything is handmade and meticulously tested to ensure it’s a product that we are proud of, we use a high amount of fragrance oil and all our wax is natural soy to produce a high quality candle. 

All our products are handmade, so may vary slightly in colour. 









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