Why Do Wooden Wick Candles Crackle?

Woodwick Candles

What’s the crack, literally!

Here at Gracie Moon Scents, we offer a range of crackle wick candles or wooden wick candles, and when lit they offer a captivating and inviting radiance that immediately draws attention with the warming sound of burning wood – snap, crackle & pop.

It’s an increasingly popular candle in our range, and is becoming more and more common in your high street shops, but why do they crackle?

Why The Crackle?

It’s a question we get asked quite a lot, what makes the wood wicks actually crackle? Essentially, they are made from softwood, and this can vary but generally, it’s from a maple tree.

In order to get that signature crackle sound, the wicks undergo a process when they are being prepared to dry out and reduce the moisture in the wood in order for it to be easily light. The drying process doesn’t completely remove the moisture from the wood, instead, it leaves very small pockets of water and air.

When you light the wood after this process, the heat produced causes the steam that’s being released by those small amounts of water to get trapped within the wood until it bursts, giving a small little increase in the flame and making that lovely sound!

Not All Crackle Candles Are Equal

If you’re an avid buyer of a variety of different crackle candles, then you might soon realise that the crackle isn’t always the same – the sound often differs and some candles may be more intense than others, but why is this? There are a few things that can affect the crackle.

Type: Generally not all wood wicks are the same, there are a bunch of different designs. They vary in thickness, size, style, density and type of wood just to name a few things. Each design will burn slightly different and therefore provide a different level of “crackle”.

Fragrance Oil: There are different chemicals within the fragrance oils that can actually affect the amount your candle crackles, the amount of fragrance oil used in the candle can also have an effect.

Quality: As with anything the higher the quality of the wick the better crackle you’re going to get from it! The wax can also have an influence on the crackle, and going with a lower quality wax will usually dull the crackling sound.

We can assure you that our range of crackle wick candles use the highest quality wax and wicks that we’ve tried and tested to ensure you get a wonderful & cracking experience!

Should You Buy a Crackle Candle?

We love them, but it’s a personal preference.

Wood wick crackle candles are a popular option for those that want to get that crackling wood background noise to feel without actually being able to have an open fire in their home. If you live in a flat for example and want to set the mood with some background noise, then the wood wick candles can be a fantastic solution.

My Wood Wick Candle Isn’t Crackling

You didn’t buy it from Gracie Moon Scents, that’s why!

We joke, kind of. If you have lit a crackling candle that you have bought and it isn’t producing that signature crackling sound, then you might be wondering why or if you’ve done anything wrong.

The chances are that you haven’t done anything, it will just be that the quality of the wick isn’t what you may expect. There are crackle wicks out there that just simply aren’t up to scratch and won’t work as well as expected – you should look to go with a better quality product next time.

Is there any way of fixing it? Well, not really, the only way to actually fix it would be to buy some wood wicks yourself (good quality ones!) and replace the wick in the candle, but this can be a little bit tricky.

Do You Need To Soak Wood Wicks Before Burning Them?


This is a question we actually get asked and see a lot online, people seem to have this preconception that you need to soak the wooden wick in oil or some form of the burning agent in order to get that crackling sound – or even to light them, this is not the case and doesn’t do it, it will ruin your wick.

We know that for someone who isn’t familiar with the wooden wick it can look a little bit strange when compared to an ordinary wick, and you might look at it and think that taking a lighter to it won’t work. It does.

Why Choose Gracie Moon Scents?

If you’re interested in buying a crackle wick candle, we can help with our fantastic range of cracking options, but why choose Gracie Moon Scents? There are so many options out there, but when you choose us, you know that you’re going to get a high-quality product that won’t let you down.

All of our range is completely handmade with the highest quality available products, and we’re proud of every single candle that leaves our headquarters. Our mix of natural soy wax and high-quality fragrance oils make our candles a must-have addition to your mantlepiece.

You can’t go wrong with Gracie Moon’s quality, and all at a fantastic price!

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