Wax Melt Snap Bars

All your favourite Gracie Moon Scents wax melts, but in bar form! These snap bars are fantastic for using as little, or as much as you’d like in one go which offers great value for money!

Welcome to our Gracie Moon Scents Wax Melt Snap Bar range! These scented wax melts offer a great alternative to our traditional wax melt range. 

What Are Wax Melt Snap Bars?

Snap bars are just a different design variation of your more traditional wax melt, so why would you choose to buy them? Wax melts in general are increasing in popularity, and they’re fantastic, offering a great solution with more control of the scent and amount you use than a candle – there also completely wick free.

Snap bars go a step further. The thin design and small cubes allow you to use as much or as little as you like, easier than the larger square design. They work just as well as their counterparts too, offering a beautiful aroma that can fill a room in minutes.

Snap bars also offer a more affordable approach to wax melts, not that they are expensive in general, but as you can have more control over how much you use, it means you can often get more out of the bar shape than the square!

Remember, you can also re-use the same wax over and over until it loses its smell, you don’t just have to clean it off your wax melt burner after a single-use.

How Do You Use Wax Melt Snap Bars?

You use these wax melt snap bars in a very similar way to a normal wax melt. All you have to do is break as much off the bar as you wish to use, depending of course on the size of your burners tray, add a tealight underneath or turn on the electric and wait for the wax to melt.

The strength of the scent will vary slightly depending on the size of the room, as you might expect, the larger the room the more wax you will need to fill it.

How Long Do Wax Melt Snap Bars Last?

It’s a hard question to answer without knowing exactly how much your putting in or the weight of the bar you’ve chosen. You would typically expect for a premium product like ours, you can get around 12 hours’ worth of fragrance from about two squares.

There are two sides to this question though, you might also be thinking about how long you can potentially store them before actually using them. The good news is the bars can last for months, but there is a few ways in which you should store them to maximise this, and we’ll touch on that later.

How Much Does a Wax Melt Snap Bar Weigh?

It depends on the mould!

As you might have seen our wax melt snap bars are at different price points, and this is typical because we use different moulds that use a different amount of wax for each product. If you want to know the particular weight of a product, it’s best to visit that products page and find out there.

How Should You Store The Wax Melt Snap Bars?

You want to find out how to maximise how long your snap bars will last in storage, perhaps you’re a bit of a hoarder – we don’t blame you!

To ensure that they have a long shelf life here are a few key tips:

  • Keep them in a place that is dry, and cool.
  • Having an air tight way of storing them, if you’ve taken them out their original package, will increase its lifespan.
  • Make sure you lay them flat.
  • Don’t leave them next to anything warm or in direct sunlight for a long period, the fragrance will escape!
  • Try make sure you use the older bars first, no matter what you do, they will begin to lose their smell.

Are Wax Melt Snap Bars Better Than Candles?

It’s a question we actually get asked a lot. We actually think wax melts in general, no matter what form they are in, are better than the traditional candles, although both have their place.

Wax melt snap bars are a lot cheaper than a traditional candle due to the amount of wax used, can burn for longer as it absorbs less heat, is completely flame-free and can conveniently break off as much or as little of the bar as you want to in any one go.

Are Wax Melt Snap Bars Safe?

They are much safer than a traditional candle as there is no wick, and generally speaking you will be completely safe using a wax melt snap bar. That being said you still need to be careful in using them as your burner might have a tealight underneath, or if it’s electric you should always ensure you are in the room when it’s on, just in case it overheats or malfunctions.

Why Choose Gracie Moon Scents?

Our whole wax melt range is made from the highest quality soy wax and fragrance oils, with everything made by hand, meaning that everything that leave Gracie Moon Scents HQ is quality checked and assured!

Every single product we have available to our customers has been tested to ensure customer satisfaction. After all, we don’t just want you to buy a single wax melt snap bar, we want to be your go-to shop for everything wax melt!

Our strong and long-lasting scented wax melts are also completely vegan, made from soy & come in fully recyclable packaging to ensure there is no environmental impact.