Perfume & Aftershave Wax Melts

We’ve worked hard on testing and trying different scents, and we’ve found some great ones that smell like popular perfumes and aftershaves. Below you can find our selection, perfect for gifts!

Want to find out more about our perfume & aftershave inspired wax melt range? We’ve got everything you need to know in this handy little buying guide below, however, if you do have any more questions, feel free to get in touch!

What Are Perfume & Aftershave Wax Melts?

Our range of perfume & aftershave inspired wax melts are everything you’ve come to expect from the quality of our Gracie Moon Scents wax melts, but inspired by some of your favourite recognisable fragrances.

Do you like the smell of your other halves perfume or aftershave? These melts could be perfect for you, filling the whole room in a matter of minutes with your favourite odours. These fragrances offer a great alternative to our traditional range.

We must stress, these aren’t the actual perfume or aftershave brand products, we’ve worked hard at mixing a variety of different fragrance oils to get a smell as close as we possibly can to the real thing for you to enjoy.

Can You Use Perfume in Wax Melts?

If you’re wanting to make your own perfume based wax melts, you can’t simply put your favourite perfume or aftershave into the wax and melt it, unfortunately that won’t work. When making wax melts you use fragrance oils, you can mix & buy different oils to adjust for different smelling wax melts.

After a lot of trial and error, you can make your wax melts smell like some well known high street products.

Our Perfume & Aftershave Wax Melt Scents

We’re constantly working on improving our perfume and aftershave wax melt scent range, but it’s tricky! We want to ensure before we release any fragrance that it’s going to be a quality product that actually smells like the real thing, so we’ve tried, tested and worked on a few fragrances for the moment that we think are the high quality our customers deserve.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the scent options we have currently available in the range:

Angel Moon

Sweet fragrance of red fruits balanced with soft caramel & honey giving this warmth & in-depth balance, finished off with feel good notes of patchouli and vanilla.

This fragrance is inspired by: Thierry Mugler – Angel

Million Moons

Aromatic blend of citrus fruits infused with spice finished off with woody undertones makes this a popular masculine fragrance to enjoy.

This fragrance is inspired by: Paco Rabanne – One Million

Brave Grace

Citrus blends of Amalfi lemon & mandarin, with a woody heart of cedar, coriander & violet help finish off this amazing fragrance.

This fragrance is inspired by: Diesel – Only The Brave

Spice Bomb

Citrus blends of Amalfi lemon & mandarin, with a woody heart of cedar, coriander & violet help finish off this amazing fragrance.

This fragrance is inspired by: Viktor Rolf – Spice Bomb

We’re working on more as we type! So it won’t be too long before you can purchase more of the scents you love.

Which Fragrance Should You Choose?

This isn’t a question we can objectively answer for you. We personally think all the wax melt scents we release are perfect! But what perfect is to us, might be different for you. We would recommend going for a scent you are familiar with, and know that you like, as all of our products are pretty close!

However, feel free to test and try different scents to find your favourite.

About Our Wax Melts

We have a range of different wax melt designs available in loads of different scents, including our perfume and aftershave range. They offer an affordable alternative to candles, providing hours of odour and complete control over how strong you want the scent to be.

Every single product we have in our range is handmade and individually quality checked, to ensure that we are providing our customers with a product we can be proud of. We always use premium materials from the wax to the moulds to ensure quality.

We also care about the environment, so every product we make is vegan friendly and cruelty-free, as well as being completely recyclable. These wax melts are made of 100% natural soy product.

Why Choose Gracie Moon Scents?

Why choose Gracie Moon Scents as your go to wax melt provider? Well if you’re a lover of wax melts or candles, there’s lots of different companies you can go to, so why would you come to us, we think the answer is pretty simple – we care.

As we mentioned previously, all of our products are handmade from high quality materials and meticulously tested to ensure that you’re getting a great wax melt.

We want to ensure that every single product that leaves Gracie Moon HQ is worthy! We care about making our customers happy, as we don’t just want you to buy a single wax melt box from us, we want to be your go to company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question about our perfume and aftershave scented wax melt options? Not to worry, we’ve answered a few of our most common ones for you below: 

Simply when it stops smelling! The melted wax doesn’t evaporate like a candle, so you can reuse the wax as many times as you please, up until the fragrance dissipates.

Yes – there’s no issue with leaving the wax in the top of the warmer between burns, you’ll only need to remove it when it loses it’s fragrance.

It’s completely personal preference. Candles are generally more expensive than wax melts, and you have less control over the scent, as with wax melts you can just add more pieces. Wax melts are also completely wick free – but on the other hand, to burn the wax melts you need to buy a separate burner.