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Here you will find a collections of different wax melts, these are all handmade with quality wax and scents ready to fill your room with a pleasant aroma.

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Interested in purchasing from the Gracie Moon wax melt range? Before doing so we’ve put together a handy buying guide for you so you can find out everything you need to know about our wax melts before making a purchase.

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax Melts are becoming an increasingly popular option as an in-home fragrance solution, muscling in on the candle market. They’re a little bit different from candles though, in fact, there is a completely wick-less scented solution, meaning they are completely flame-free.

These solid little pieces of wax are available in a few different forms, although primarily referred to as tarts, cubes or snap bars. They offer a safe, easy and convenient solution to the traditional candle.

Typically you would warm a wax melt using a wax melt burner, which can either be electric or with a little tealight placed underneath, depending on the design. This is used to melt the tart, placed on top, which then releases the fragrance across the room in a matter of minutes.

The fantastic part of wax melts is you can use as little or as much as you please, depending on your scent preferences & you can also re-use them, repeatedly, until they lose their scent.

About Our Wax Melts

What about our wax melts in particular? As you can see, we offer an affordable range of different wax melt options – with a variety of different designs. We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our product range is not only extremely high quality but actually leaves a fantastic odour that lasts for hours.

All of the products we use are premium, meaning for example a single cube has a recommended burn time of around 6 hours, so a pack of 6 cubes would give you a total of 36 hours to enjoy that long-lasting smell.

We care about our products, everything is handmade, vegan friendly and cruelty-free. We don’t just want you buying a single pack of wax melts, we want to ensure our customers come back time and time again because of our 100% natural soy wax quality product.

How To Use Wax Melts

Wax melts are extremely easy to use! Firstly, before buying wax melts from ourselves, you’ll need to get your hands on a wax melt warmer or burner. These are previously mentioned can either be electric, or use a tealight.

Here’s how you use the wax melt:

1.      Take a wax cube from the pack.

2.      Place it on the top of the burner, this might be as part of a design, or a tray, depending on the design.

3.      Place a tealight underneath the tray, usually in some form of holder.

4.      Light the candle & the wax melt will begin to melt, and the odour should start to fill the room.

After the light is out, you can either light it again or clean the wax out the top of the burner.

How Many Times Can You Use Each Wax Melt?

Every wax melt is different, as it depends on it’s size. There isn’t a hard & fast rule as such as to how many times you can use a single wax melt cube, tart or heart, but the general rule is you should change them when they no longer smell.

Overtime the wax melt burns away the scent it was made with and becomes odourless, despite the wax still actually being there. Our cubes typically last upwards of 6+ hours burning, but you can use that time how you please, all in one go, on 6 different occasions for an hour each… you get the idea.

Once the wax starts to lose its odour, we would recommend cleaning the wax off the top of the burner and placing a new cube in.

There is another factor that can actually determine how long your wax melts smell, so be careful. If you don’t burn your wax melts soon after purchasing them, then please make sure you store them in the correct way. Make sure you don’t expose the melt itself to sunlight as this can cause it to lose fragrance, you should also make sure you store it tightly in the packaging and in a cool and dry place, to maximise their overall usage time.

Why Do Wax Melts Lose Their Smell?

Wax melts aren’t like candles, they don’t evaporate as they don’t have a wick, but they do lose their fragrance after a period of use. When we make the wax melts, we add a high percentage of fragrance oil, but overtime, although the wax itself doesn’t evaporate, the oil within the wax does, meaning it eventually loses it’s scent.  

Wax Melts vs Candles, What’s Best?

At Gracie Moon Scents we sell both wax melts and candles, so we’re in no way biased! They both have their place, but we prefer our wax melt range! There are quite a few reasons that we feel gives wax melts the edge over their traditional counterparts, here are the main ones:

  • They are far cheaper, the burn time is almost 5x longer than a traditional candle for the amount of wax.
  • They also have a longer burn time than candles as they absorb heat much slower, with not having the wick directly in the wax.
  • There flame-free, if you use an electric wax melt burner that is. Even though a tealight is likely safer than an open flame, as most burners enclose the light.
  • They are massively convenient! You can use as much or as little of the wax as you want, and you can light it for as long as you want. You can also control how much you want the room to smell by simply adding more cubes or less.
  • Candles can release somewhat harmful chemicals that aggravate some allergies, but wax melts don’t.
  • What Fragrance Are Your Wax Melts?

    We’ve worked hard to add different high-quality fragrances to our wax melt range. We feel we’re now finally in a position that we have something for everyone! Here’s a rundown of some of the scents we have available:
  • Black Cherry
  • Candy Floss
  • Candy Hearts
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Christmas Spice
  • Juicy Orange
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Pom Noir
  • Tea Tree
  • Wild Mint
  • Winter Spice
  • Why Choose Gracie Moon Scents?

    So why choose our product ahead of any of the other competitors on the market? Well, we like to think there are a few core reasons. The main one is we always use high-quality materials that we’ve meticulously tested to ensure you’re getting a fantastic product. We also add a high percentage of fragrance to each one of our wax melts, ensuring that the smell is strong, and long-lasting.

    Another significant reason is our wax melts are all completely homemade, meaning we personally sign off on every bit of wax that leaves Gracie Moon HQ! The wax is also completely vegan, soy & recyclable, so it’s not harmful to the environment.