Virgo “Coconut” Wax Melt Snap Bar


This is Virgo, our coconut scented wax melt snap bar in our Zodiac snap bar range! It encompasses the smell of freshly cut coconuts really bringing the feeling of being at a beach in a lovely warm country to your front room. This is another one of our customer’s favourite scents and a top seller across most candle ranges.

Coconut is a favourite for many, it’s a simple but lovely smell, fitting with the practical and humble traits of Virgo. This wonderful aroma will easily fill your room with it’s beautiful scent after just a few minutes of melting, offering a sweet creamy coconut fragrance with underlying notes of vanilla.

You can also rest assured if you’ve never shopped with us before, you will be getting a top quality wax melt product. Our handmade wax melt snap bars are made from the best quality natural soy wax & fragrance oils that have been tried and tested to ensure you’re getting a product that you’re going to be happy with. We quality check absolutely every product that leaves Gracie Moon Scents HQ, so we hope you love them! 

All our products are handmade, so may vary slightly in colour. 









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