Should I Use a Tea Light or Electric Wax Warmer?

The Scent

Is it better to use electric or tea light burners? 

Whether you’re new to wax melts or have been blazing since the beginning, the variety of wax burners in the marketplace might be overwhelming! Electric, tealight, diamante, glass, ceramic, large, little – unlimited possibilities! But, more importantly, what is the distinction among them all? Is it a significant one? Which one is your favourite? Is there a change in the way you smell? You’ve got your wonderful Lottie Wax melts, and all you need now is a burner to waft the aroma throughout the house. We have tealight heaters that will complement your melts perfectly. In the coming years, we will introduce a gorgeous line of electric heaters.

Electric burners:

Electric heaters are a sophisticated replacement for light tea heaters used in any space. They can also create a significant, calming, and relaxing environment in a room. In theory, electric heaters are safer since they do not have an open fire, which can be problematic when young kids or pets are present. When utilizing an electric burner, you may discover that the aroma throw from the wax melts lasts longer. The aroma oil burns off more quickly because the plates do not become as warm as a tealight burner with an open fire.

Some humans claim that electric heaters don’t create a strong warm throw and that tealight heaters are far more intense. Some folks claim they can’t tell the difference since they can’t smell it. If not treated properly, they, like all electronic devices, offer a fire danger. When not in use, make sure your electrical heater is turned off. Instead of using tealights or an open flame, electric warmers utilize a light bulb to warm a flat glass dish, melting the wax and releasing the aroma into the air. The power and bulb provide a continual supply of steady heat. It won’t reach the same peak heat as an early open fire, but it will not lose its scent. As a result, your wax will last longer.

Many individuals with young children or dogs choose an electrical warmer because it eliminates the danger of an open fire, but some folks prefer the peaceful glow of a tealight (even though many electrical burners already have excellent lighting/flashing effects).

Pros – There is no bare fire, and it can be used as a second lamp in the house.

Cons – It doesn’t produce as intense an aroma as a tealight heater and can be more expensive.

Tea light burners:

It would be best to use a tealight to fully utilize a tea light heater. Candles have been used for hundreds of years when humans did not have access to electricity. A candle burning in a dimly lit room has a wonderful quality to it, particularly when it’s dissolving one of our lovely wax melts. Tea light heaters are areas as attractive as, if not more so, electric burners. Due to the obvious bare flame, tea light warmers have a considerably higher danger of sparking a fire. When there are small kids and pets present, they are not appropriate. Tea light warmers are popular because they can provide a higher hot throw. This is because the bare flame is significantly hotter than just an electrical burner. The higher and faster the plate heats up, the more fragrance oil is released into the surroundings. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It will produce an extremely hot hurl, but it will also alleviate the efficiency of the wax melt, allowing you to burn for longer while using electric burners. As a result, most heaters of this sort are made from glass or ceramic, which transfer heat exceptionally well. The wax melting sits in the well of the heater, and the warmth from the fire dissolves the wax and distributes the aroma into the air.

The aroma is emitted quickly because the flame is instantaneous, although it might burn strong at first and then dissipate as the tealight burns down. This can result in a high aroma throw at first, decreasing over time and eating up your wax more quickly.

Pros – Long-lasting smell and reasonable price

Cons – A naked fire may not always be appropriate for your home.

Is it safe to use electric wax warmers?

Without burning the wick, electrical candle heaters give a secure path to brighten a room and emit the smells of a conventional candle. Even though the risk of a fire from such a naked flame is no longer present, you should never leave a wax heater alone or blazing for long periods.

Is it safe to eat wax melts?

Paraffin is a petro wax that is both cheap and simple to make. As a result, it’s the most popular wax for candles or wax melts. However, it can release harmful substances such as toluene (a known carcinogen) that can be breathed or ingested.


So, if you’ve already begun using wax melts, you’ve most likely started with the ceramic tealight wax heater, as most of us do. However, as you grow more familiar with electrical wax melt heaters, you may ask the distinction between the two or more devices. This essay aims to break down the important distinctions so that you can determine what is right for both you and your house; yet, most folks (including myself!) have both.

To conclude, Because the wax melts at a greater temperature in tea light wax heaters, the aroma from the wax melt is stronger. The drawback is that the aroma fades more quickly due to this.

Electrical wax heaters are safer because they do not include any open flames. They last lengthier, but the perfume isn’t as powerful, and many of them use minimal bulbs. Electrical heaters are limited in placement because they must be near a power outlet.

Due to their greater melting temperatures, some other waxes are not suitable for electrical warmers.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on personal choice.


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