Our Products

On this page you can explore our complete range of products, ranging from wax melts, to candles and the accessories that come with them. 

About Gracie Moon Scents

As a family we tried a variety of different wax melts online and we didn’t particularly find anything we had been impressed with, so it all started off as a bit of a hobby, making wax melts and other small wax products just to burn on a cold winter night. After a while, we thought to ourselves, why not make this into a business?

And that’s exactly what we did. We spent weeks testing products, scents and moulds just to create a high quality range of products for our customers. 

Everything you see in our product range is made by hand, is completely Soy & Vegan, as well as fully recyclable postage and packaging. 

Our Product Range

Admittedly, we’re new to the wax melt & candle business, but we’re always looking to expand our range of available products. As you can see listed above, we have a somewhat limited range available at the moment – but over time we will expand this. All ideas are welcome! 

Keep your eyes peeled and regularly visit our product page, we promise we’ll have more for you in the near future! 

Why Choose Us?

There are a variety of different competitors out there who do similar wax melt and candle designs to us, so what sets us apart and makes us different? 

We like to think a lot! Firstly, we’re a small family run business, which means we really care about every product that goes out the door, everything is handmade and quality checked by ourselves. 

Our product scents are all also tested, mostly by family, friends and customer feedback, but we’ve worked hard to establish a good quality list of different odours for you to choose from.

Lastly, we care about the environment and want to do that bit extra to ensure we do our bit for the planet. Everything we sell make is completely vegan, and recyclable.