Libra “Black Cherry” Wax Melt Snap Bar


Our Libra “Black Cherry” wax melt snap bar is inspired by the zodiac sign. Its unique look is coupled with a wonderful scent, vibrant enough for any room. Feel free to snap off as many columns of the bar as you want to use at any given time.

Much like the Zodiac sign, our Libra “Black Cherry” wax melt snap bar softens the presence of any room. It brings a calming yet likeable presence to any room and invokes clarity and balance.

This unique design for a wax melt snap bar is filled with a black cherry fragrance that is a fusion between cherry and pomegranate. It retains all the sweetness of that cherry smell with a note of deep red tartness.

You can rest assured that when you shop with Gracie Moon Scents you are getting a quality product. All of our wax melt bars are made with the highest quality fragrances and all-natural soy wax to ensure you get a product you are happy with.









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