Leo “Vanilla” Wax Melt Snap Bar


Our Leo is definitely comfortable, confident and the centre of attention with its strong vanilla fragrance, one of the most popular in our range. The aroma is a full and sweet smell identical to that of the distinctive vanilla scent you had in mind. A real classic fragrance!

This is one of our favourites, the vanilla scented wax melt snap bar, offering a creamy, warm and comforting smell that is a classic amongst candle and wax melt lovers. It fits well with the traits of Leo, a confident and comfortable smell that has more complexity than you may think.

When you shop with Gracie Moon Scents we guarantee that you’re going to be getting a high quality wax melt product. Our range is made from the highest quality soy wax and well researched and reviewed fragrance oils to ensure there is a good scent throw. All of our products are also handmade, so we quality check everything that leaves the door – so you know you’re going to be getting a product we’re proud of!  

All our products are handmade, so may vary slightly in colour. 









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