How Do You Know Your Wax Melts Are Safe?

Safe Wax Melts

When buying a wax melt product, one of the first questions that come to mind is, “Is this item safe for using?” Many of the buyers and consumers are moms and dads of children and puppies, which means that either wax melts are genuinely secure, which comes before whether they smell pleasant, but for those who aren’t, your particular protection is also vital

What does safe to use mean?

Here’s our response to that query.

Via this article, I want you to know that while you’re relaxing and inhaling the wonderful smells filling your house, you can rest certain that your wax melts aren’t emitting any harmful chemicals. To do so, we examined the four basic components of a wax melt, so let’s have a look at each one separately.


All high-quality candle waxes, notably paraffin wax, are completely safe to use around people. Candle wax is classified as a non-hazardous material in the United Kingdom and most other countries worldwide. According to the European Candle Association (ECA), no credible scientific research has ever been found to indicate that candle wax, particularly paraffin wax, is harmful to human health.

Research done in South Carolina has been roundly chastised by candle organizations all over the globe. Because no data was given for peer review, the study’s results were based on unfounded assertions. In contrast to the South Carolina study, an international investigation evaluated all major waxes for contaminants known to be dangerous to humans. According to the study’s findings, all waxes, even paraffin, produced a clean burn. There were no health hazards discovered.


Ascent is a chemical compound that emits an odour. We all know that scents are far more than that, adding that they can make people feel excellent about themselves and our houses while also evokes memories. Essential oils that are the source of aroma in certain wax melts are toxic to pets. Essential oil inhalation can induce vomiting a slowed heart rate and cause breathing difficulty in your animals, particularly dogs. Many companies like “Little Miss Twiggy Twinkles” prefer other wax melt companies that use synthetic scent oils. This allows you to create a wider range of scents and makes it much better for your pets.

Soy wax:

The core body of Little Miss Twiggy Twinkles wax melts is soy wax, which contains beautiful aromas. Is it, therefore, secure? Soy wax has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its environmental benefits and absence of health hazards when contrasted to paraffin wax, which is usually used in candles. Soy wax is both healthy and environmentally friendly because it has no artificial ingredients and is non-toxic. However, Paraffin wax, on the other side, creates benzene and toluene, both of which are proven carcinogenic (health hazards).

Toxics on the description:

The CLP sticker on any of your wax melt bottles will always give you caution about three things: atmospheric risks, skin irritation, and inhalation. It’s crucial to remember that some wax melts are perfectly safe when used with the proper precautions. To avoid these problems, properly dispose of the wax according to local rules. Make sure you manage the wax melts with care and caution, and avoid breathing the flames at close quarters from the burner. 

Combust and combustibility:

many companies that manufacture safe wax melts like Little Miss Twiggy Twinkles advise using 4-hour tealights when utilizing a ceramic wax melt heater. This is recommended to reduce the possibility of the burners heating and breaking. Heating your wax melt for prolonged periods might also affect the quality of the aroma it produces. To reduce the possibility of a house fire, the placement of your wax heater is critical. Although the tealight is not particularly exposed, we recommend that you keep a watch on it at all times and never leave it unattended. Don’t grab the ceramic wax heaters while they’re lit because they can get pretty hot.

There is very little risk with the flame if you protect young palms and curious dogs away from it, keep a keen eye on it, and keep in mind there’s nothing explosive too close.

Benefits of soy wax:

Soy wax is manufactured from soybeans, a vegetable, but it does not count as one of your five-a-day vegetables when melted! Soybean is one of the best vegetables that the creator has blessed us with.

And since it’s made of soybeans, it’s guaranteed to:

  • It is free of hazardous substances.
  • Does not obstruct the discharge of aroma
  • It is non-toxic. Thus you can melt it in the presence of kids and pets.
  • It is eco-friendly when properly disposed of.
  • Most surfaces are simple to clean.

We wanted to restrict our carbon emissions as much as possible as a responsible person; thus, using soy wax from a natural resource was crucial for a sensible and responsible person.

Is it safe to use wax warmers?

It’s still based on petroleum. Some heaters only warm the aroma out of the wax; the wax stays in the heater; hence there is no risk of chemicals being discharged into the home. That appears to be virtually non-toxic!


As a result, the chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere when the wax melts. Alkanes and toluene are found in certain candles, particularly paraffin candles. When inhaled, these substances can cause breathing problems asthma and possibly raise your cancer risk (though this is possible in severe cases). Is it also true that wax melts are better than candles? It’s also a lot safer than using candles. But that’s why those with sensitivities can use the wax melts without having any problems. Because only the aroma dissipates, not the wax, there are no toxins in the air you breathe if you use candles. Wax melts, such as Scentsy, are acceptable.

Finally, Little Miss Twiggy Twinkles soy wax melts are perfectly safe if all safety procedures are followed. These are merely minor measures that one would probably take with regular candles. Consider the oil fire from the tealight, which you should constantly keep a watch on and keep away from any accessible or easily knocked edges. Soy wax melts are a safer alternative to a candle.

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