Five Things To Do With Left Over Wax

Left Over Wax

Have you ever questioned what to do with those used/preloved wax melts? To get some excitement reusing and up-cycling, try those craft ideas. You’ll also be helping to reduce waste daily. You’re not the only one if you enjoy wax melts or perfumed candles. In 2015, the worldwide wax melts industry was worth approximately USD 2.02 billion. After a few uses with your fragrant wax melts, you’ll be left with perfume wax. Don’t toss them away! We’ll briefly examine a few different recycling techniques and how you can utilize wax melts. When you have your personal wax heater, wax melts are less expensive than several scented candles. You may repurpose wax for various applications, even if you use wax tarts, wax blocks, or wax melts. Preserve the candle stubs if you are using candles in your house. You can use the following tricks with residual candle wax or wax melts used already.

If you despise discarding perfectly nice residual candle wax, this article is for you who would like to extend a dollar or are just getting inventive. Save your leftover wax lumps in a purse or jar.

1. Create a perfumed pouch on your own.

What you’ll require:

  • wax melts that have already been used
  • an envelope, a pair of socks, and a napkin
  • threads and needle (optional)

Fragrant pouches are indeed an excellent way to keep your drawers, closets, and shelves smelling pleasant throughout the year. Put the upcycled wax melt inside an old sock, envelope or even a napkin and seal it. Stitch the pouch shut if you’re skilled with a sewing needle. Alternatively, tying a bow in the bag is the simplest option. Who’s supposed to see it in the first place? Then it’s done! You’ll be greeted with a nice faint perfume the next day you go to fetch a garment or a pair of underwear from your drawer.

2. Make a candle from scratch:

Things you’ll require:

  • wax melts from previous projects
  • jam jar/porcelain teacup
  • candle wicks
  • glue gun / sticky dots
  • Scissors

Start stockpiling glass jars! Creating homemade candles is a wonderful way to recycle glass or ceramic, plastic containers and reuse old wax melts. Consider the colours you could create with them. Now, all you have to do is attach some candle wires to the glass jar’s bottom, interior portion. Designers prefer glue guns for this, although adhesive dots will also work. (Candle wicks are available in various sizes from Amazon or local craft stores; make sure to buy ones that are taller than that of the candle box.) Heat your burner when you’re willing to add your wax, allow it to melt completely, and afterwards blow out the flame or turn off the switch.

Letting the wax get cooled but not harden before pouring prevents you from burning oneself or ruining your surroundings if it spills. Using a clothing peg, keep the flame centred until it cools. Then clip off the extra wick with your scissors, leaving only 1cm showing. And that’s about it… you’ve created a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted candle. Make multilayered candles if you want to go even more imaginative. Repeat the procedures above, but only fill a small amount of wax at the moment. Allow to cool and harden before adding more colours till the container is full. I tried it personally and considered it to be a lot of fun.

3. Give your container a pleasant odour.

The thing you’ll require:

  • preloved wax melts
  • sticky tape
  • a bin in desperate need of another fragrant sweetness

Our bins are subjected to a great deal of abuse and are loaded with so many foul-smelling used items that they can retain lingering odours. You could find yourself in need of a bit something more between those removing and cleaning your garbage, particularly if you’ve cooked anything hearty. Attach your used wax melt to the bottom of the container with a sellotape. We’ve discovered that the inside of the cover is usually the best option. This will assist in minimizing the smell in your dustbin and is a terrific way to utilize the rest of your melt’s fragrances.

4. Maintain a pleasant odour in the washroom.

What you’ll require:

  • wax melts that have already been used
  • a small plate or bowl

Set a few of your upcycled scented wax melts on some plate or into a tiny pot to put on your windows sill if you want a beautiful scented bathroom rather than using a candle burner or reed mister. Apart from plant diffusers, this is a reasonable way to perfume a small washroom.

5. Create your personal tea light candles

What you’ll require:

  • wax melts that have been used before
  • unfilled tea-lights
  • tea-light candles wicks

Almost all go through many scented candles per year, so making your own is a great way to repurpose your old wax melts. Have the whole family on board in this project since it can be a lot of fun. You may now either buy unfilled tea lights from the internet or preserve those you’ve previously used by being a brilliant re-cycler (you will necessitate getting a few undersized candle wicks). It’s also really simple. Carefully pour the old and heated wax melt into the vacant tea-light holder. Insert the candle stem till it reaches the bottom of the wax. There’s no need for glue because the wicks will dry out independently. They must not be moved.


We’re always exploring innovative ways to repurpose and upcycle the products and containers at our homes. We all know it’s beneficial for the planet, and it’s also a pleasant family activity. You might even run a family battle to see who can make the most beautiful, worst, or brightest up-cycled items. GO CRAZY! These ideas can be a fantastic way to get the whole family on board and engaged in recycling objects rather than throwing them away. You never have to worry about wasting your money if you will follow the tricks to utilise your leftover wax above, 

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