Eclipse The Brave


Our Eclipse the Brave wax melt snap bar is inspired by the popular scent “Only The Brave”, with our own swing. We’ve tested and tried a variety of different fragrances to try and get a scent close to that of the popular aftershave brand.

It’s a product we personally love and think smells fantastic!

Our Eclipse The Brave is our wax melt snap bar interpretation of the popular aftershave “Only The Brave”. It’s a scent that contains notes of an oriental woody fragrance mixed with bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, lime, mandarin which is then infused with lavender, fennel, galbanum, green leaf, green violet, apple, melon and so many more different fragrances!

We assure you all our products, including this wonderful interpretation are made with all the highest top quality wax and fragrance oil to ensure it’s a creation we can be proud of. All of our wax melts are natural, and everything is completely handmade and because of that we quality check absolutely every product that we make, always ensuring it’s a quality we can be proud to provide our customers. 

All our products are handmade, so may vary slightly in colour. 


Scents Available

Black Cherry, Candy Floss, Candy Hearts, Chocolate Orange, Christmas Spice, Juicy Orange, Juicy Orange, Lemon & Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, Pom Noir, Tea Tree, Wild Mint, Winter Spice









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