Capricorn “Chocolate Orange” Wax Melt Snap Bar


Our Chocolate Orange wax melt snap bar is inspired by the Capricorn Zodiac sign, the earthy brown and grey sign is well known for it’s solidity, reliability and traditionalism – chocolate orange is a stable and popular smell!

Our Capricorn snap bar is filled with a chocolate orange fragrance, that as soon as you start to melt the bar in your burner, will fill the room with the familiar and welcoming odour. The delicious fragrance combines milk chocolate and sweet orange notes with a vanilla base – but warning, it might make you hungry! 

When you purchase a wax melt snap bar, or anything from Gracie Moon Scents, you can assure that you’re going to get a top quality product that is tried, tested and reliable. All of our fragrance oils and soy wax are top quality and natural, ensuring that you’re getting a product that you’ll hopefully keep coming back for time and time again. 

We quality check absolutely every product that we release, as everything is handmade, we want to ensure that you’re as happy with it as we are. 

All our products are handmade, so may vary slightly in colour. 

Scents Available

Black Cherry, Candy Floss, Candy Hearts, Chocolate Orange, Christmas Spice, Juicy Orange, Juicy Orange, Lemon & Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, Pom Noir, Tea Tree, Wild Mint, Winter Spice









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