3 Wick Candles

On this page you can find a range of our larger candles which contain three wicks, to allow for a quicker burning scent and the aroma filling the room much quicker – they also look the part!

We’ve now added a range of three wick candles to our candle selection. These candles are typically larger than your traditional candles, with a lot more wax and a lot longer burn time. If you’ve not seen a triple wick candle before, they can look a bit different, but we assure you that they are a fantastic addition to any room in the house! 

We’ve answered below some of the most common questions people have around three wick candles for you below. 

What Is a Triple Wick Candle?

Our triple wick candles are exactly as it sounds, they are candles that have three wicks placed in the wax. It’s an alternative to the traditional single wick candle, and the reason for the three wicks is typically that the candle is extremely large compared to an ordinary candle – and therefore in order to burn it better and more evenly the three wicks help. 

3 Wicks vs 1 Wick, What’s The Difference?

As we just touched on, generally three wicks are found in very large candles, and they allow the candle to burn quicker – which may seem counter productive, but when you have a candle of this kind of size, it allows for a much larger radius of scent, so there perfect for large open plan style rooms for when a smaller single wick candle isn’t particularly making a difference. 

Having the three wicks in the correct placement also allows the candle to burn more evenly than say a single wick candle on the larger size. Due to the sheer size of the candles we sell within this range, the three wicks are necessary or you would be left with a lot of leftover wax! 

Are 3 Wick Candles Better?

You’ll find a few guides out there on the internet that tell you that the newer three wick style is better – we honestly think it’s personal preference. When it comes to larger candles, the three wicks are better for the reasons previously described, a more even burn, more light generated and due to their size generally burn for longer – but if you prefer a smaller candle, they are slightly cheaper and it would be rather pointless to have more than a single wick. 

Do I Light All 3 Wicks?

You don’t have to, but we advise it. There is a reason that we place three wicks in our larger candles, and it’s to mainly reduce wastage and provides a better distribution of scent. Having the three wicks in a larger candle allows it to easily burn all the wax around it, if you only light a single one of the wicks, it will only burn the wax immediately around that wick, meaning the candle will melt unevenly.  

Why Are Three Wick Candles Expensive?

We actually feel like we price our three wick candles very competitively when compared to the rest of the market! However, they are one of our pricer items generally speaking, it’s simply because they are larger and house more wax, there’s more glass and more wicks – which also means more scent oil has to be used. 

How Long Do 3 Wick Candles Last?

This changes depending on the product you choose and how you take care of your candle, to maximise your burn time you should read our blog on how to trim a candle wick and why you should do it.  

The burn time is primarily dictated however by the amount of wax which you should be able to find in the attributes of each of our products. 

We would estimate that most of our 3 wick candles have a burn time between 30 and 45 hours. 

Do 3 Wicks Burn Faster? 

Yes, three wick candles burn, as you would expect, three times faster than a single wick candle. That being said, due to how large the candles are and the amount of wax, they still burn for a very long time. The main upside of the three wicks as we talked about is they give a larger amount of fragrance throw and are perfect for larger rooms. 

How Long Should You Burn a 3 Wick Candle The First Time?

Most people don’t realise, but when you first burn a new candle you should only burn it for a certain amount of time. Our range of three wick candles should only be burnt for three to four hours the first time, and you shouldn’t ever burn your candle for more than six hours at any given time. 

Why? If you burn too much of the wax below, the wick won’t be sitting in solid wax, instead it will be in the liquid and the issue with that is it can cause the wick to move slightly and unevenly burn your candle. Unevenly burnt candles mean wastage, as you’ll find that when you get towards the end of your candle, you’ll struggle to use up all the wax.