Scented Candles

At Gracie Moon Scents we offer a wide range of unique candles to help you indulge in ambience and unwind after a busy day with our high-quality fragrances. We offer a wide range of different scents and designs, so you can make your home not only smell fantastic, but look it too. 

Welcome to Gracie Moons Scented Candle range. On this page, you will find a mix of different candle designs, aromas and wick options. We aim to deliver a range that offers something for everyone that not only keeps your home smelling fresh with our wonderful choice of fragrances, but also serves as a lovely decorative piece and focal point of any room.

About Scented Candles

The original purpose of candles was of course to emit light, but since then they’ve become so much more. Scented candles act as lovely decorative pieces and when light can produce an aroma, of your choice, that freshens up the air and adds a soothing sense to the room.

Scented candles even when unlit still emit an aroma that you can smell in a room, which is why they are often favoured as decorative pieces. When light, however, the scent released of course becomes far stronger and the longer the wax melts and the more you burn, the stronger the fragrance will get.

As you may also expect, candles that are landers have a bigger surface area, allowing more of the wax to melt and aroma to be released – so if you’re room is larger, buy a larger candle & vice versa for a small room, a smaller candle may work.

Our Scented Candle Range

What about our range in particular, what can you expect to find? We have a wide range of different designs from candles in glass features, to stand-alone candles, there’s literally something for everyone. We’re always working hard to expand this range, and bring you more candles that you love, so do let us know if you want us to start a range, feedback is appreciated!

As well as that, we’ve got a wide range of different scents, from the likes of Black Cherry to Pom Noir, there’s something for everyone. We use top-quality fragrance oils and ensure that we use a high percentage in each pour to enhance the smell and really make the aroma fill the room in a matter of minutes.

There are lots of different candle makers in the market though, so what sets us apart? Being a small family run business, to compete with the larger companies, we need to do something a little bit better, a bit different. That’s why all of our scented candles are completely handmade, and thoroughly quality checked before they leave us, we always ensure we are using the best quality soy ingredients and a high percentage of fragrance. It’s really important to us that when you buy any candle from our range, you’re impressed & want to come back time and time again.

Finding The Best Scented Candle For You

Well, this is tricky because everyone has a personal preference on scents, all we can say is to test and try a variety of different scents until you find one that just smells right!

You might also know that you like a particular scent because of something else, like a car air freshener for instance.

What we will say, you’ll read several blogs across the web trying to point to different scents being better than others, it’s completely different for everyone, so don’t trust it & just get smelling some candles!

What Are The Most Popular Scents?

So you’re not sure what might be the best-scented candle for you, that’s no problem, let’s take a look at what some of our most popular scent choices are to help you decide.

  • Black Cherry
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Winter Spice


Different Scents For Different Situations

When choosing a candle there’s more to it than you might think. Did you know that there are different scents that can make you feel different, so the candle you choose should reflect what you want? Here are a few examples:

  • The most calming scent is said to be lavender, and it’s a scent that is regularly used to reduce anxiety and depression, great for relaxation.
  • Rosemary is another scent that is good for stress, it’s associated with a feeling of contentment and can reduce cortisol levels.
  • This is more of a debatable subject, but many people feel like vanilla is a great welcoming scent that can make a room feel really cosy.
  • Want a scent to make you happy? Then you can’t go wrong with a bit of peppermint. It targets all those “sappers of happiness” feelings.


Are Scented Candles Safe For Pets & Young Children?

Our candles are made from soy, an all-natural ingredient, so there’s will be no harm to any pets or young children from the aroma or oils released when it’s burning. We do advise you to keep the candle out of reach of children and pets, as you may find your pet tries to ingest the candle which can lead to stomach problems, or your child is attracted to the open flame which, of course, is a danger!

Scented Candles vs Wax Melts, Which Is Best?

We love wax melts, and we sell both. It’s completely personal preference as to which you prefer, but in our opinion wax melts offer you a better value for money than candles, but there’s more detail about that on our wax melt page. That being said, candles have their benefits.

Candles can offer more of a decorative focal point than wax melts, and you don’t have to clean up afterwards, scraping off the wax residue, you simply light the candle as and when you want. Another benefit to candles is they have their own wick, so you don’t need to buy any extra accessories, other than a way of lighting the wick, when compared to wax melts which require a burner.

Why Choose Gracie Moon Scents?

We’re a small business, so why would you choose us ahead of some of the larger names in the industry? Mainly, it’s our product! Everything is completely handmade and with high-quality materials – we test everything that goes out our door & ensure it meets our standards because we simply have to be better than the competition.

The wax used in these candles is also completely vegan, made with soy & our packaging is completely recyclable as we try and do our bit of the environment.

So, if you want a long-lasting, strong-smelling, beautiful candle, you’ve come to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, we’ve collated some of our most commonly asked questions about our candle range for you and answered them below:

There are several scare mongering articles out there about candles being bad for your health, and they used to be – ones that are made from paraffin wax. We can assure you however, ours being made from soy, are not dangerous or bad for you.

It depends on what the purpose is! Our scented candles certainly fill the room with a wonderful aroma, that’s for sure.

Our scented candles are completely vegan & made from natural ingredients, predominately soy.

Candles when burning are actually incredibly effective at removing common allergens such as dust from the air and giving it a more clean feel.